Content marketing is nothing new to an entrepreneur or online business owner. In fact, content is one of the main ways to get your point across about a product or service that you offer. However, if you start to delve into affiliate marketing or product specific content marketing, then you may find you're in a different ballpark. Instead of putting content out there that you feel meets marketing requirements, you need to be putting content out there that your leads are looking for. The problem is, you may not know what your leads are looking for in content.

Drop the Sales Pitch

The only person that sales pitches work on are other people in sales. This may be a bit of an overstretched statement, but when you're in content marketing and product specific content marketing this sales pitch can kill the sale. There are so many scams online and so many time and money wasters, that people are leery if all the content is an ongoing sales pitch. The first step to finding out what leads look for in your content is to look at what leads to not look for, and that is the sales pitch.

Solve the Problem

A solution to the problem is when the lead is looking for in content. This is true regardless of what type of product or service you are offering. Let's say for example, you are offering a social media marketing service for businesses. You want to write content that presents a problem that people who need your service will have. In that same content you want to solve that problem by mentioning, not overly selling, but mentioning your product or service as the solution. This will show the reader that somebody else has the same problem they're having and that you are the person that is there to fix it.

Legitimize the Content

The main theme you want to do is make the content legitimate. If someone reads your content and they see that you present the problem they have, present the solution they have, but then they follow the link to the solution and see what appears to be a scam site then you will lose the sale. Make sure that what ever it is you are marketing for your content, whether it is your own personal product or service or whether it is an affiliate product or service, then that service is legitimate and appears legitimate from the moment the reader arrives at your blog.

Your content speaks for you. Your content is the marketing professional, social media marketer, testimonial, lead generator, lead closer, and sales staff when you are away. When you put that content out there, you are putting out content that needs to reach the people. It needs to work for you. In order for it to work, you need to know that the three main things that a reader is looking for in your content is an avoidance of the overly done sales pitch, solution to their problem, and legitimate content for product or service.


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