Facebook is the current leader in social media marketing. It provides a way for businesses and small business owners to reach out to their clients on a personal level. Simply having a Facebook page is not enough to generate the lead. Posting daily may yield some results, but you may not be seeing the results you want. If you are looking for new ways to generate leads through Facebook marketing, consider the following posts as a starting point.

Call to Action Images

The easiest way to build clients and create a larger lead base, is to use a call to action. For Facebook, however, you want to add a twist to your call to action strategy by making it visual. Use the cover of your latest Ebook or guide as the starting point. This image will allow you to link to your Pinterest account and streamline leads from Pinterest to your Facebook page. The final result would be a lead generated from Facebook to your sales page or squeeze page. You can make image posts on a daily basis that link to articles, blogs, or other content on your site as well.

Link Up

There are far too many businesses that post to Facebook daily, but miss the mark on how to turn that post into a networked lead. The missing piece of the puzzle is easy. Simply add a link and image to the post. Think about a major site like Fox News or CNN. A story appears on their site and someone shares it. If you see that story would you share it if it interested you? Of course you would, if it had the right appeal. With an image and a direct link you create the appeal. Without the image and link, the post is likely to be looked over.

Use Events

Facebook has a great feature for businesses trying to build leads. The event planner, a free feature built into all Facebook pages, allows you to create an event and invite people. For your next webinar, create an all-inclusive post and link that post to the event planner. Invite everyone on your friends list or followers list and draw them in. Remember when you are creating the event to add an image and a link. This will grab their attention and bring them to the event. The event planner will let you know how many leads to expect and help you plan accordingly. It will also help remind others of the event.

The key factor in generating leads through Facebook posts is to make those posts stand out. Use images, video, links, and sharing to grab the attention of your followers and friends. This shows you are truly interested in your clients instead of just trying to make a fast buck. You will be surprised at how far that personalization and attention to detail can go towards creating your new sales line. Use the leads to create the sales and allow your lead staff to develop those leads into ongoing sales and trusted clients.


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