There are some basics to finding leads. You can hire someone to find them for you. Mailing lists and companies may offer leads as part of a free trial. There are also leads and simple marketing techniques or content marketing plans. If you are drying up on leads and having issues closing or retaining the leads you have, you may want to consider a new strategy. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Sure, you have used the site before. You probably used it when you first got started and now you are maintaining it. Are you really using it to its full potential? Do you know how to use it to find new leads, network and create a larger client base, or to use webinars as a way to find new clients? There are hundreds of ways you can use LinkedIn to gain new clients and get ideas on how to retain the ones you have.

Niche Forums

You already use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to connect to others in your niche. Have you considered using forums as well? Forums are a great place to find people looking for your product or service. Forums are overlooked as a resource for leads. This is mainly due to the rules that some forums have about advertising your business or service. The truth is, if you network with others on the board, the connections you need will find you and seek out your services. Your responses, activities, and statements on the forums will draw the clients and bring them in.

Community Boards

Community boards, like Craigslist, are a great way to build leads. You do not have to post on the boards in order to get the leads. Run simple searches on a regular basis and look for people needing your services, even if they don’t know they need them. Contact them and help them work out the issue. These gestures will bring the client to you and create a lead.

Bidding Sites

It seems odd to mention bidding sites when we are talking about getting leads. Bidding sites can help you gain new clients and bring in new leads. You may think the service or product you offer isn’t suited for a bidding site. The truth is, all products and services are suited for the site. There are clients that need your expertise, services, and products. They need help with their business and your business can offer a solution. Use the sites to your advantage. Put yourself out there and take on a few clients at a discounted rate.

Remember, all leads are generated through word of mouth, actions, and integrity. You can bring in leads all day. If you do not follow through on those leads or if you do not deliver what you promise, those leads mean nothing. If you do deliver on what you promise and you follow through with each lead in a way that treats them as individuals, you will see the word spread and new leads generate.


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