Every business makes promises to their leads. Promises may be for downloads of free information, free trials to subscriptions, or free products with shipping and handling only. These are all great offers and great ways to bring in new clients or leads. The problem you may have is following through on these promises. Some of the issues are with the streamlining of the process. Some issues may be with you and some may be with the members of your team. There are a number of reasons that your lead promises are missing the follow through mark. Here are some things to check, repair, and upgrade in order to keep your word and keep the lead interested.

Check your Back Office

You can fix a lot of the follow through issues by checking the back office. If your clients or future leads are complaining about not receiving a download or other promise you made, then check here first. It could be something as small as a check mark or radio button going unselected. You may find that the attachment which should automatically download isn’t uploaded properly. Check the small things first and make sure it runs smoothly. Before moving onto other issues, walk through the process as a guest. Monitor the back office as you do this and see where the steps are failing and why the client isn’t getting what you promised they would.

Contact Your Team

If someone on your team is in charge of fulfilling orders, and the free product you offer, then you need to take a moment to check with them. Find out if the problem is there. If you have checked the back office, the chances are high the issue may be within the team. The easiest way to handle this, and the most diplomatic, is to have the team member or members go through the process with you. Have them monitor each step of the process as you enter the information as a guest. Find out where the ball is being dropped. You may find it is something on their back office end or it is something they are missing in the steps. By having them work through the steps with you, you will see if it is a team issue or a technical issue. Either way, it is easily fixed.

Hire a Professional

You’ve checked your back office and there were no noticeable issues. You have checked with your team and performed a walkthrough. The lack of fulfillment is still occurring and you can’t figure out why. It’s time to stop and hire a professional. Find someone who can check the back office, reset the entire project, or create a more streamlined effect on the process.

The most important thing you can do for your business is follow through on the first lead promise. If you drop the ball on this, you will put yourself in a position of bad reviews and stand stills. It’s simple enough to offer something free, but it is even easier to follow through and show you are a legitimate option to the client.


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