Free lead generation options are available everywhere. That does not mean they are all good options. These options should also not be the only option. The options presented here are a means to get your lead generation started. You may have a lead generation team, one person handling leads, or a freelancer handling this aspect of your business. However, having a few other options will help you reach more customers and bring in more sales.

Social Media Word of Mouth

Social media is a free word of mouth marketing machine. With very little work, you can develop a personal relationship with your leads and drive them to sales. As time goes on, and you become more proficient with the platform, you will want to use the pay per use options. However, the free advertising from posts, networking, and shares can be instrumental to you if you are building your business or just entering social media as a marketing option.

Use Raffles

RaffleCopter has been the secret to success for many up and coming businesses. It helps solidify them in social media, bring clients to their blogs, and promote their services. The best aspect is the freedom to create the raffle steps you want the clients to follow. It is a perfect free method for your business if you are new to social media and want to build followers and likes. You can also use this method several times over to continue building your sales, leads, and lists.

LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is one of those options that receives an equal amount of good and bad feedback. The truth is, for lead generation, it is one of the best options out there. You do not need the upgraded option to create leads and network. Simply get your name out there, join some networks and groups, and sell yourself. Make sure people know who you are, what you can do for them, and what your accomplishments are. This will help others promote you and give you a bigger chance to network with people who have the leads you want and need. The word of mouth gained here can help you grow your business tenfold if you use it properly.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is something many businesses use to drive leads to their sites. Keep in mind, this is only a free option if you handle the writing yourself. If you are not a writer, then hire someone, but remember to pay decently for his or her efforts.

All of these options are free to start, to continue to use, but they do have pay per use options. Remember, you get what you pay for and what you put the time into. None of these options are automatic, but they will work for you and give you the best results possible for the amount of time you give them. As time goes on you can tweak these options to work for you in a better way. You will learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to get the service to work for you in the long term.


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