You may have seen a trend on Facebook and Twitter. Site owners are combining their efforts and creating a frenzy of free giveaways and prizes. You may wonder how this pertains to you and your business. The fact is, this new trend is building businesses and generating qualified leads left and right. So much so, it is becoming the leading way for certain direct sales companies to develop fresh leads and new lines of revenue. So, how do they do it? They use something called RaffleCopter. This program allows you to set up what someone would have to do to be entered into your drawing. So, how do you use this method to build your social media leads? The following steps make it easy.

Start the Adds

One of the unique aspects of RaffleCopter is the ability to create the list of things you want the lead to do in order to be eligible for the raffle. A common step is to have the potential client add you, people in your network, and certain pages as friends in their Facebook and followers on Twitter. This can be done in several steps. For example, if you have a Facebook page and Twitter page, like and following can be two steps on RaffleCopter. You can include a friends page or another business page as well which in turn promotes their sites and generates leads.

Start a Network

You will automatically begin to network with the first raffle. This network will be for your lead generation and future sales. Don’t let it stop there. Continue the network by creating a group of businesses, business owners, and people in your current network niche. Have members of that group add themselves to the raffle to build their own leads.

Follow Up On Posts and Leads

The key thing to remember when using this program to help generate leads is the follow up and posts. You cannot just create the raffle and expect it to operate itself. You need to make posts and promote the raffle. You also need to make sure people on your team do the same. Every person who is part of the raffle needs to post and promote. Offer extra benefits for those who promote the most. Offer special benefits for people following you who promote the raffle. It’s all in the promotion and the reach you have with that promotion.

There are hundreds of things you can do with RaffleCopter to build your business and reach more customers. By playing with the settings and adding more detail and eligibility steps, you can reach even more leads. Remember, there is a small fee involved with this process as you develop the steps and your skills with the program. However, it is free to get started and to use the program initially. Use this to your advantage and to your lead staff’s advantage. Consider hiring a lead generation staff, like those found here at FII-Inc, to help you sort through the leads and work those leads into closing sales.


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