Generating leads for your business just got easier with the help of social media. Millions of people are accessing social media sites every day, so you are opening yourself up to a lot of lead potential when you use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Here are some tips for driving leads using social media.

Using Twitter

Twitter is among the top three social media sites according to usage and number of active users, just behind Facebook. One great advantage on Twitter for generating leads is by participating in the chat feature. Twitter chats use hashtags that are meant specifically for that chat. You see them every week when a popular new show is on, and stars of the show chat with fans. It might look like #CastleLiveChat or something similar. Well, entertainment isn’t the only industry utilizing Twitter chats. Many businesses also use them to help drive leads. You might see them for specific niches or small businesses as a whole. Become the host of the chat or get involved in chats run by someone else. A weekly chat around the same day and time is a good idea.

Groups on LinkedIn

You can also use LinkedIn for more than posting your resume and recruiters for your business. The social media site has groups catered to different industries and have become incredibly useful for generating leads. Choose a group that is most closely related to your business or what you are trying to promote. They have groups for everything from freelance writers to knitters, so you are bound to find one that fits your niche and target market. You can join up to 50 groups, but this gets hard to keep up with. Since you want to be a regular addition to the group offering your tips and expertise, narrow it down to no more than 3-5 groups. Check in with the group regularly, don’t give them sales pitches and be genuinely helpful.


Facebook is the number one most popular social media site and should definitely be used for generating and driving leads. The best way to use Facebook for leads is by using their advertising feature. Facebook has made it easy for anyone to advertise, regardless of your budget. You can narrow down the targeting to focus on your audience, including their gender, age and special interests. Take your time when choosing the style of ads you want to use. Always do sufficient research on your target audience beforehand so you know exactly how to target the ads. Facebook gets so many visitors every day that you may get the majority of your social media leads from Facebook alone. Try out different leads and put them through testing to see how they compare and find out which is working better for you.


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