As the most popular social media network around, it is no surprise that you want to use Facebook for lead generation. Facebook is often used for generating leads, and they can help you in multiple ways. If you want to advance your marketing efforts and find some great leads, follow these helpful tips. What a lead actually means to you may vary depending on the type of business you have. But in general, it is a person who can help you with your business expanding, whether you sell products or provide services.

What a Lead is Not

While there are many types of leads to get on Facebook, as mentioned below, not every type of activity on Facebook is considered a lead. The most common misconception is that Facebook “likes” are leads. But in actuality, there is no telling if this person ever visited your website or is in interested in your business, so they cannot be considered someone to potentially give your business.

Types of Leads

Now for learning about the different types of leads you can gather by using Facebook. There are two main types of leads: direct and indirect. Direct leads are those that you got directly from sharing something on Facebook. For example, if you offered Facebook followers a chance to get an offer if they click a link to your landing page. This is a lead you received directly from your Facebook page. An indirect link means Facebook set the lead on the path to helping your business, but not in such a direct manner. Maybe you shared an image on your Facebook page that connected to your Pinterest, which then leads to a blog post with a call-to-action. This is an indirect lead that ultimately came from Facebook.

Using Your Photos

The photos on your Facebook page can actually help you generate leads. This is done by including a call-to-action (CTA) right on the image’s caption or on the image itself. If you wan the use the image itself, it should be your cover photo. You can have an interesting image, with your website page or another CTA in text on the bottom of your cover photo. A more indirect way is to have the CTA in the caption of images in your Facebook photo album. Additionally, you can have links in the captions of your images, which is a direct form of gathering leads through Facebook.


You can also use advertising through Facebook to get direct leads by advertising your product or service. Another way is to not necessarily promote your product, but promote a giveaway or promotion through ads on Facebook. You can target the ad to reach the right audience, as a group of people this offer would help out the most. People love free stuff so having the ad lead to a landing page with a special free offer is a great way to get more leads.


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