Many Internet marketers use Twitter for getting leads, and you can to. Regardless of the type of business you have, or if you are simply trying to get people on your landing page, using Twitter is a great option. Twitter offers more traditional methods of generating leads, as well as some new tools they have specifically for the purpose of getting leads. Here are some different ways to use Twitter for lead generation.

Banners and Background

On Twitter, you are able to customize your portfolio, which includes your banner and the background of your portfolio. Any time someone visits your Twitter account, they will be able to see both of these. It gives you the perfect opportunity to include a call-to-action (CTA) and invite people to learn more about your business. It can a simple link or a description with what to do next. Choose the CTA wisely, including the wording you choose to use.

Featured Tweets

Twitter also has their own advertising-type feature in the form of featured tweets. Every time you post an update on Twitter, you are given the option of featuring it. You will start an advertising campaign with that tweet, just like you would an advertisement on Facebook. This lets your tweet show up in the top of certain search results. If you’re trying to get people to your landing page for selling an eBook for quilt making, you can reach anyone who looks up how to make quilts using Twitter.

SEO In Your Profile

Aside from including a link and CTA on your Twitter portfolio, you can also make it SEO-friendly. Search engine optimization (SEO) uses different keywords to reach an audience of people searching through the site or search engines. Appeal to SEO technology by choosing different keywords for your profile information, instead of being witty but not providing anything someone would search for.

Updating Twitter

To get people to notice your profile on Twitter, you will need to start working on getting more followers and being recognized. The best way to do this is by following others and tweeting often. You won’t be tweeting too much, as long as you send an update once every hour or so. Your followers probably have thousands of people tweeting constantly. But you do want to be careful how many of your updates are self promotion.

Twitter Etiquette

Aside from not tweeting too much about yourself, there are some other things to keep in mind that won’t lose your followers. Reply, retweet and favorite as many tweets as you can. This will help get you a return follower and you will become noticed. Many of them will start retweeting your information, which you definitely want to happen. Avoid sending direct messages, as most users don’t even read them. Try to follow as many people as are following you, so they don’t end up unfollowing.


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