When you work hard to generate leads, you want to know that once they do make that click, they remain with you. The link you offer when driving leads to your website is going to lead to a landing page. This landing page typically includes an offer or promotion to get their foot in the door, and very often includes a sign-up form for your newsletter. Regardless of what you have decided to include on your landing page, you need to make sure it is ready for more sales.

Keep it Simple

Don’t try to stuff too much information on the landing page. This is going to detract to the message you are trying to end to your leads. If you attempt to fill up a landing page with all of the information on your website, it will be too much and they will leave without ever signing up for anything. Instead, focus on one benefit you are offering to the lead and a way to find out more information. This also helps them understand exactly what to do next as it has a clear call-to-action.

Be Consistent

When choosing the design of your landing page, make sure it is consistent with the theme and style of your website. After leaving the landing page, they will end up on your regular website, or vice versa. It should all look about the same. Your business logo should be the same on your website as it is on the landing page, as well as the color scheme, overall theme, layout, and text choices. If you don’t do this, the inconsistency might put off a lead, thinking they are being tricked.

Visual Appeal

Images and colors are important for landing pages. Nobody wants to go to a landing page and read nothing but plain, black text. This is boring and isn’t enough to attract their attention. Go to some other landing pages you have seen and consider how you feel. What do you notice first? Most likely you notice a considerable image that is brightly colored and in high definition. Next, you see the contrast of different font sizes and colors. It is possible to add visual appeal without overwhelming the lead.

Make it Easy to Share

Having a shareable landing page is very important, and something many marketers forget to do. Things that make it shareable include having a great headline and providing easy-to-use social sharing buttons. Have buttons for leads to share it on their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media sites.


Finally, proofread your landing page to make sure it is perfect. The wording needs to make sense and show that you took your time writing it. Fix any typos, spelling or grammatical errors and change the sentence structure if it reads oddly.


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