There are many types of marketing that can be used within this. Working hands on means you will be able to work with lead generation agents and also social media marketers to be able to create a marketing plan, also you will be able to stay connected with the marketing team that you decide to hire.

What Should a Marketing Company and Client Discuss for Performance Marketing in Real Estate?

A marketing company and the client should discuss what type of clients they would potentially like to find, the questions that they would like to be asked any social marketing techniques that they would like used, in the ones they do not want used.

Should the company control the scripts and methods of marketing company uses?

Yes, the company should control all of the scripts and methods that the marketing company uses. They need to ensure it will be used properly and will be effective. If the marketing company the company hired doesn't provide a useful strategy, it may not work or even result in loss.

When Should the Marketing Company Hand over the Lead to the Mortgage or Real Estate Company?

The big question for many marketers is when the company should hand over the lead to the mortgage or real estate company. The honest answer is with the client themselves. Some real estate companies do not want the lead until all preliminary work has been done. They want to receive the lead when it is ready to close and when everything has been taken care of such as pre-qualification. On the other hand, some real estate agents want to receive the lead as soon as they are determined as qualified. When all aspects of the lead check out, including if they are eligible for the mortgage or property, the agent may want the lead. If you are the marketer you will need to discuss this with the agent. If you are the agent you will need to be clear with the company you hire, such as FII-Inc as to when you want to receive the lead to continue working on it yourself. Closing the deal, when it comes to real estate, should always be handled by the agent in order to meet the laws and guidelines of the city or county.

Should Meetings be Held often Between the Real Estate or Mortgage Company and Marketer?

Yes, there should be meetings held between the real estate and/or mortgage company, along with the marketer to ensure everything is running smoothly. If there are no meetings, chances are there are not a lot of accuracy going on with the company who you hired. This could potentially turn into quite a disaster. It's essential to have a mandatory meeting weekly or bi-weekly to make sure everything is running appropriately and everyone is going their specified job.

Hands on Performance is essential when you hire a company, you will want to ensure everything is running the way it should. Mortgage leads are great at helping real estate sales grow.


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