Performance marketing is one of the newer forms of interactive advertising in which online adverts are paid for variably depending on their performance. For instance, the cost of a given ad may depend on a number of factors such as the frequency of page views, number of clicks, the rate at which leads are generated, and the actual number of sales that occur in a given time frame. Online schools can effectively increase their enrollment levels through performance marketing strategies. Online based schools primarily use the internet as the principle means of delivering education. Good performance marketing strategies can help them correlate their marketing activities and the effect on their bottom line. Performance marketing is generally intended to reach those who spend a big proportion of their time on the internet.

How do Combined Marketing Strategies Help Close the Enrollment?

Schools can employ combined performance marketing strategies to capture the maximum number of users. The goal should be to target sites that are frequented with young online users who would be willing to enroll in the programs offered. Typically, it takes a little more effort to reap benefits from performance marketing. Online schools have to be in a position to develop top notch ads, simple to comprehend landing pages, and easy-to-follow click through procedures. Combining different performance marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing and direct advertising will definitely drive traffic to the schools homepage. The trick lies in who does the marketing and where the adverts are placed.

In essence, an online school should try to get a top-ranked affiliate marketer to do the job since the returns on investment largely depend on the aggressiveness of the marketer.

What Methods are best for Finding Students and enrolling them?

The effectiveness of any method employed for performance marketing should take into account the cost, and the returns in terms of the number of students who actually enroll. There are many types of online advertisements that can be purchased on a cost-per-view (CPM) basis. These include pop up and banner ads. Such methods are not very effective given that the school will be required to pay according to the size of the audience rather than the number of students that actually enroll for their programs. A cost per click (CPC) approach is more valuable since the school will only pay upon receiving a response from customers. Another important component is creating a landing page that is optimized for the targeted users. Essentially, the landing page be written in a simple language but compelling at the same time. Interested users should readily understand what is offered and the requirements.

Is Facebook a Good Option?

Going by the sheer size of their users, social sites like Facebook offer some of the best platforms for online marketing. For ads targeting to increase online school enrollment, Facebook will definitely be a good place to start. It’s not possible to get no responses with such a big audience. With so many ads running on the Facebook page, you can be sure that a click will only come from an interested user.


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