Insurance leads are one of the most popular lead generation niches in marketing. However, reaching the right leads in order to close sales can be a bit difficult. The reason that reaching the right leads has become difficult is due to marketing techniques insurance companies may have chosen to use in recent years. Sites like Swagbucks and other rewards for sign-up sites offer insurance companies the chance to put their information online in order to reach more clients. People will sign up for insurance quotes in order to gain points or rewards with the site. This may not seem like an issue, however, consider that many people signing up for insurance quotes and creating lead contact cards are lying about their needs or may only be doing it for the rewards.

So, with this type of marketing out there and false leads being created daily or even hourly, how are insurance companies supposed to reach a ready to invest market? The choices are simple.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the standard in modern marketing for reaching the right client base. If you choose this option, you will need to make sure that the social media campaigns are geared and phrased properly. Do not open up more doors for false leads. Make sure that the leads are contacting you directly. Yes, call back options are nice, however they may lead to further fake leads. If the client contacts you directly, you can ensure that are you speaking with someone who truly needs your insurance services.

Offer Needs not Wants

The need for various insurance is growing daily. Medical, basic coverage health, auto, life, renters and house insurance all needs that everyone has. The policies may differ, but the need is still the same. Make sure you are appealing to the needs of the potential client in order to reach the ready to invest market. If you offer lower cost options, affordable policies and family policies you are more likely to close a sale. With that in mind, focus your calls and marketing to needs not wants.

Lead Generation

The previously mentioned options are not to say that lead generation techniques offered through Swagbucks style sites do not work. In fact, they work at least 80% of the time. However, remember that for every lead there may be 5 leads out there that are not interested or ready to buy. So, how do you avoid wasting time and how do connect to the ready to invest market? You hire professionals. Even if you are a professional lead generator, you may not have the time to go through hundreds of leads to find the quality leads you need. By hiring someone, such as FII-Inc, you can avoid costly time spent on the phone or through emails trying to determine if the lead is ready to buy. The professionals can handle this aspect and weed out the fake leads for you. This will leave more time to handle the legitimate leads and the closing of those leads for your business and income.


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