If you are in an MLM business, you know the importance of increasing your representative chain. Sure the sales are important, but to build a solid MLM business you want a solid representative line and a backup if someone or several people leave the business. So, how do you increase your representative chain or rep value? There are actually several social marketing concepts that you can use to find representatives and possible sales along the way.

How Can an MLM Business Use Social Ad Buying to Build Rep Value?

Social ad buying is a marketing plan that any MLM business owner can use to build their rep value. If you are with Avon, Mary Kay, Ameriplan or even with a Bachelorette party company you can use this method. The trick here is to choose what ads work best for you and your budget. Facebook is a popular format, but you have some drawbacks. You can purchase the ad space there, but the ad may only reach a small number of people. There may also be money restrictions that cause a Facebook social ad buying campaign to be more costly than you are willing to handle.

Blog social ad buying is a great way to start out. It offers a low cost alternative for you and you can advertise on personal blogs that receive a lot of hits. You can work out payment options, blogs for ad space and other options. It is more personal and you can work directly with the site owner for affiliate marketing options as well. Also, Pinterest is a great free way to build rep value. Combine a writing campaign or blog with Pinterest to build your client base and reach out to future representatives. If you are unsure if your writing skills will keep up or if you have the time to blog, then hire a content writer to fit your needs. You can also use Fii-Inc.com to handle your social ad buying for you and free up time while you get the results you are looking for.

How Can an MLM Business Use Lead Generation to Build Rep Value?

Lead generation and generation services offered by FII-Inc can build rep value easily. There are several lead generation plans that could work for your needs. You may want to combine social ad buying with lead generation to create a follow up call base. This would help build the client list and close the representative deal. If you do not want other people calling your potential representatives then consider an email marketing lead generation campaign. It is personal, easy and will get the point across quickly of what your MLM has to offer.

How Can an MLM Business Owner Convert Leads to other MLM Businesses?

You may or may not be registered with several MLM businesses. The truth is, most successful people in MLM will connect with various businesses to build a solid income. The best way to convert leads for one MLM to another is to ask the right questions. Find out what the potential rep needs, and not just what they are looking for. Maybe they need some form of insurance or medical coverage, but they can’t afford it. You can offer Ameriplan to them and close a sale while signing them up for your MLM representative line. It solves both of their issues. You can even show them tricks to build their own representatives and increase their income.


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