The Baby Boomer generation is the fastest growing senior generation in decades. This fast growth has lead to a sea of openings in the senior living business niche. Senior communities, senior business and services agencies are all open for business to the Baby Boomers. The problem is locating the seniors who need the products or services your business offers. With the use of multiple lead generation, you can take one lead and produce sales for several areas of senior sales.

How Do Multiple Lead Generation Methods Work?

Multiple lead generations work, especially in something like the senior living industry, by matching several services with answers a lead gives. All too often a lead will be tossed away if it does not fit one genre. If a senior or couple visits a senior community and does not like it or does not feel that it will fit their needs, the lead is often considered a loss. The truth is that lost leads can work to the companies advantage. When a senior visits a senior community the community leader or administrative staff will ask various questions to determine what the senior is looking for. If the senior does not like that community, the lead could still garner the senior help by their answers. They may mention that their retirement plan will not cover the care, their financial needs are budgeted, the community does not offer certain amenities and so forth. These are all potential leads.

Can a Lead from One Business Be Used for Another?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The more complex answer to this question is that if a senior or their power of attorney takes the opt in option, then the lead can be used for several different programs or services. The opt in is a simple check marked box that states the individual can be contacted by other organizations, communities or services that fit their needs. If the opt in is chosen, a lost lead on a community can be a huge lead for another service.

Should Multiple Services be Mentioned on a Lead Call?

When you make a marketing call to a senior, seniors children or the holder of a power of attorney you call with the intention of landing the sale. This means that you may feel the need to mention all of the services you have in one go. Try to refrain from that particular impulse. Yes, you do want to let them know what you have to offer, but at the same time you want to make sure that you are offering what they need. In other words, let the call prompt you in the direction you want to take. If the senior mentions they need financial assistance or retirement planning help, then go with that route. They may mention they like a community, but that they were looking for other amenities. If that is the case, you may have the community that is right for them. If you do, take that opportunity to mention it. Remember, leading questions will lead to sales.


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