When you are an affiliate marketer or lead generation specialist, the idea of closing multiple leads at once is a huge goal. In fact, if you are working in a particular niche such as senior living the goal can bring in a substantial amount of income if handled properly. You may know how to find the leads and move a lead into multiple sales options. The problem and complexity is closing multiple leads for high performance senior living sales conversions. Here are some tips for closing multiple leads that will allow you to maintain organization and receive the highest possible performance sales.

Obtain Basic Information

The first step to keeping things organized and closing multiple sales with one lead, is to make sure you obtain the basic information first. Every lead and every closing sale will require the same basic information. You will want to have the seniors name, phone number, contact address and other contact information. In addition to this you will also want to have any payment information. Nothing looks less professional that having to ask for this information multiple times during a call. Keep in mind as well that asking for this information, especially payment information, multiple times will lead to red flags for people and a possible sales loss. When you handle the first sale closing, maintain that information for the next multiple sales.

Know the Guidelines

Every sale has different guidelines. For example, if you are closing a sale for a senior community and the senior also is interested in financial services, budgeting and lifestyle or travel services you will have guidelines for each one. Some may offer a period of time for cancellation while others offer no refund options at all. Make sure that for each sale you are closing you are able to offer this important information to the senior for the conversion of the sale.

Confirming Knowledge

You need to make sure that when you are closing the sale, you also have confirmation of that the person understands any terms and conditions associated with the service. Yes, you should know the guidelines and voice those, but you should also offer these in writing. Email is the best way to do this. You can use email to send pdf documents to the client and to ensure through a read receipt that they did in fact receive the terms of service. It is not up to you to make sure they read the terms of service. This is up to the client. You will however, need to make sure you maintain the email correspondence and read receipt should a problem arise later. Remember, problems such as a client stating they did not know about a certain guideline or issue are common. If you maintain the proper correspondence and paperwork, this will not be an issue for you later.

Closing multiple sales for senior conversion can be tricky. You want to make sure that all the paperwork is handled, all the information is given and that everything is documented. If you can handle this organization you should be fine. If you find that closing the sale becomes an issue, consider hiring someone like FII-Inc to handle your sales and closing needs.


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