Professional media buyers work for the business to help track down and purchase media and advertising space. For a very small business, this option may be beneficial. For a larger business or growing business, having a professional media buyer is essential to building new clients and business prospects. When you understand what a professional media buyer can do for your business, and you understand the media outlets they can open to you the choice is clear.

What Media Does a Professional Buyer Handle?

When you hire a professional media buyer your first question may be what kind of media they buy. The fact is, they purchase the media that you want. If you specifically want ads through blogs and other social advertising, they will buy those ad placements. The best option, for what media you have the buyer purchase, is to let the buyer use their own judgment.

How Does a Media Buyer Choose What to Buy?

If you leave the choices up to the buyer, you may wonder how the buyer chooses what to buy. The answer is simple. They choose the media that is best for your business. This is one of the important factors of having a professional media buyer on staff. You discuss the scope of your business and who you want to reach. The importance comes in with trusting the buyer to do this for you. You let them deliver and choose the media that fits your business. A solid media buyer will know which ads will reach the right audience and which media ads will bring in the best sales and leads for you.

Is a Professional Media Buyer Worth the Cost?

The question for businesses, small or large, is if the cost is worth the result. The answer to that rests with the business owner. If you’re a small business and you want to receive the highest amount of leads, then the cost may be worth it. You have to consider the path of the media purchase to determine if the cost equals the outcome you are looking for.

What is the Path of the Media Purchase?

The path of the media purchase starts with the buyer purchasing the advertising space. This space may be in the form of a written ad, video ad or a radio advertisement. Once the media is purchased the next step is to reach the potential clients are the leads. If you are relying on the media to close the sell, then you may find the price is not worth it. You need to combine the media with other marketing aspects such as calling on leads, email marketing and on the spot sales.

How Does the Buyer Bring it all Together?

The importance of a professional media buyer comes down to how the bring everything together. The first important factor is having a buyer that knows what media will work for your business goals. The second important factor is the time the buyer will save your business. They will know how to find the media ads, close the deal and get your media out there to the customers. This time saving skill will open up doors to focus on sales rather than finding the sale. The last important factor for having a media buyer on staff is in the connection the buyer can bring between your sales staff and the media ads. Overall, the importance of a professional media buyer is the time they save, the deals they can bring to close and the people they can reach.


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