Social ad buying refers to the practice of buying ads for your business or service on sites like Facebook. In fact, any social marketing or networking site may offer this solution. You may also find ways to purchase social ads on blogs that receive large amounts of traffics. This particular social marketing method has been used by companies to build client lists, lead generation lists and to lead to quick sales of items such as ebooks. The problem is, some business may feel that social ad buying is overdone or is to complicated and costly. There is a new face to social ad buying, new techniques and ways to tap into this market.

What are the New Methods of Social Ad Buying?

First off, let’s be clear that the methods for buying are the same. You will still be purchasing social media ads for your business in the same way you did before. The new methods of social ad buying deal more with where you purchase than how you purchase. For several years, the basic principle has been to purchase social ads from the main networking sites. Facebook is, of course, the leader in this genre. There are other sites, but it seems everyone with a social media plan jumped on the Facebook band wagon. The issue is that many of your possible business leads may not be on Facebook at all. Most business people use the site for advertising, but not networking. Blogs are the way to go for this endeavor.

How Does Blog Social Ad Buying Help a Business?

Blog social ad buying helps your business reach untapped areas of lead generation and sales. The trick with this method is to blog out of your network somewhat. Yes, you will still want to reach business to business areas, but you will also want to reach customers and leads interested in your services. For example, if you are a content company you may feel the need to purchase social ads on blogs directed at site owners or other writers who may be outsourcing. Instead of limiting yourself to just site owners, try to expand to other blogs. Leads for people looking at your service may come from readers in your genre. Someone reading an article on green living may be a site owner that is not in the normal network you would purchase ads for. Purchase the ad on a green living site and reach the reader that needs your services, but would not see them normally.

Do Blogs Charge More for Social Ad Buying?

The big question for you may come down to cost. Facebook, for example, can be incredibly expensive. This is especially true with new methods their own advertising has devised that limit or expand the amount of people who see your ad. Blog owners are more flexible. You may be able to purchase social advertising on their site for as little as $20 a month and reach any reader who subscribes to their blog. You may also be able to work out other payment options that will reach the audience you are looking for and keep your costs significantly lower.

The new face of social ad buying is about keeping costs low, reaching people outside of your normal network and cashing in on leads that would normally be unreachable. Blog advertising is still social media and the networking on blogs can reach farther than you may realize. When considering the new face of social ad buying, look into blog ads for a full glimpse at where your marketing can go.


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