Cold and warm calling for lead generation is nothing new to a business marketer. When you are working to build your client list, you want to make sure you are exhausting all efforts. Unfortunately, the same tired calling scripts are still being generated and the same methods used that were used twenty years ago. The problem with this is that you may have noticed a hostile reaction when your lead callers make calls. That’s because the old scripts do not fit the typical speech patterns, wording or phrasing that people are used to. In fact, some of the scripts come off rude or intrusive. If you want the sales and you use lead calling methods, then you have to update the calling script.

What Needs to Change in the Calling Script?

The first question a business owner will ask is what to change in the calling script. In fact, your first statement may be the defensive “but this has worked great so far.” The truth is, if it had been working great you would not be looking at ways to change your lead calling. It may work a handful of times, but why not update that and have it work for you 80% or more of the time? The first thing to change is the wording. Look for phrasing that may seem intrusive. Ask a friend or family member to critique the call or hire a handful of home workers to critique the call. There are some at home workers that offer services to help you gauge how your script is working. Use their feedback to make changes.

How Honest Should the Script Be?

Honesty is a big question when it comes to calling scripts and lead generation. People hold tight to their money, especially business who you may be reaching. You want to make sure that you are honest with questions and open to questions in the script. For example, some scripts will give the information and when the lead asks a specific question regarding the product or service, the lead generator is instructed not to answer or they may not have the answer. This comes off as a scam to many people. What you want is that fine line between the old script and not having the lead hit the scam button. Offer areas of the script that answer basic money questions, investment questions or the “why do I get” questions. You’ll be surprised how many leads take the answer “on our site you will find” as a good sign. They can look at the site and judge from themselves. Just make sure your site answers the questions.

Should the Script Close the Sale?

Some scripts for lead generation are there to make a sale in less than ten minutes. This may have worked before, but money is a big issue and a lot of sales are lost when the pushy script tries to close to fast. The best update you can do to your script is to offer the options and to offer the website to close the sale. A lot of buyers and businesses will combine your sales call with the website. If everything matches up, then you will close the sale.

Remember that scripts should match your website. If you send a lead to your website to close the sale, send them to a site that can answer their questions. Do not use a squeeze page! You want them to see what you have to offer, match it to the sales call and want to close the sale.


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