We were. 

Honestly, it is a bit embarrassing. We didn’t even realize how much money that we were leaving on the table. So when Cornerstone Payment Systems originally reached out to us we gave a pretty simple “thank but no thanks” response.

A week or so later they came back to us and essentially said, “Look, we know we can save you money and we’re willing to bet 500 dollars on it. If we can’t give you a better deal then you’ll write you a check for 500 dollars.”

Well, LeadsCon was coming up and who wouldn’t want an extra 500 dollars to spend on blackjack? So we agreed.

A week or so later they returned with a proposal and we were blown away.
We were going to save several hundred dollars a week in merchant processing fees – on just one campaign.

What this meant for us was:

  • Better margins on our traffic
  • Increased ad spend
  • Increased Sales
  • New Product Offerings in Competitive Niches
  • Happy Senior Management

Did switching merchant processors revolutionize our business? Absolutely not but we can attribute an incremental revenue and profitability increase to having done so and in a world where small wins mean the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign, we’re happy to take it.

Which is Why We Are Happy To Announce Our Partnership with Cornerstone Payment Systems.


After working with them for nearly a year, we’ve decided to start a partnership with them, helping to connect our clients with their merchant payment services.
And they’re willing to match our original bet:
If they can’t save our clients’ money on payment services they’ll send you 500 dollars.

So, if you're ready to give Cornerstone a chance head over and request more information!


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