Look, we all know you’re going to LeadsCon.  It’s the biggest event in the industry and it’s in Las Vegas; there’s really no excuse for not showing.

Did you know they have sessions at LeadsCon?  I didn’t either.  And that’s because we’re spending our time elsewhere, for the same reason you are: to find new business opportunities, reconnect with old partners, and get a gauge for the industry as a whole…

…while having some great meals and maybe little bit of fun, of course.


Newcomers:  The Action Happens At The Bar


There are a ton of speakers and presentations at LeadsCon and I’m sure a few of them might even be worth seeing, but if you’re there for business you need to plan on spending a lot of time at the bar. The showroom floor isn’t a bad place to make your first contact, but speaking from experience, it’s just not where you close deals with the people that really matter...

But don’t misunderstand me, you want to spend more time than money at the bar. This isn’t Affiliate Summit, it’s not just a complete shit-show of a party.  People are here to do business. People will look at you strangely if you’re stumbling around drunk after the show.

Again – believe me, I speak from experience.


If You See a Session That Looks Interesting:  Send a Junior Team Member to Take Notes


This has a double benefit:

  • You don’t have to go to the session—you can continue to focus on growing your business.
  • You’re helping to grow/train a junior team member while still bringing the information provided back into your company.

It Really Doesn't Matter Where You Stay                                                                  

Being close to the event?  Sure, that’s fun…but lets be frank:  No matter where you stay you’re going to be in cabs for dinner, drinks, and parties.  Get a good deal at Caesars?  Have a hookup at Encore?  Go for it, who cares.  Besides, the mirage is a crappy hotel anyway.


LeadsCon Event List


I’ll continue to fill in this section as we get closer to the actual event.

  • LeadsCon Poker Tournament – This isn’t my game but I’m sure a few of you absolutely love a good night of poker and drinks.   Throw in a bit of networking and it’s well worth the low cost buy in.



LeadsCon West 2014 – Just Go Already

If for some reason you’re on the fence about attending this conference, you’re out of your mind.   51 weeks out of the year, everyone at LeadsCon is too busy to take your calls…but for seven days you have a chance to meet them face to face and prove you’re not human scum and that they ought to do business with you. And if you do, it’s very possible that a trip to LeadsCon could translate into some life-changing opportunities for your business. So what could possibly be holding you back?


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