Panda 4.0 and I are BFF

On the 19th, Google released their “Panda 4.0” algorithm update. It all started with a little tweet…

And every online marketer in the world collectively found themselves going into cold sweats. Are any of those random links in my profile hurting me? Are we going to crash and burn this time around? and a myriad of other thoughts are pouring through our heads.

There are tonsofarticlesdetailing everything you need to know about the update 2 weeks later.

How did First Impression fair?

First, most of our sites were unaffected by the update, it just didn’t make many waves in several of our verticals. However, one of our sites got a pretty nice boost as a result of Panda 4.0. Honestly, no waves? A 35% bump in organic traffic to one of our sites? I am pretty content to have weathered that storm with only one or two sleepless nights.

What about you? How did your sites do during this latest shake up?


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