An all encompassing informational resource for all people to get the answers necessary to find the right degree program for them based on where they’re at today and where they want to be tomorrow. The site includes a complete directory of every online and campus specific degree program currently available in the United States along with profiles of all the schools currently providing fantastic online degree programs.


Colleges and universities have always tried to reach out to the military community, but veterans and active service members don’t have many research centers that focus solely on how education relates to their situation. That’s why we developed a website that focuses on the paths that military service men and women take before and after their service to the military.


Our focus has been primarily on Education since starting our company. Over the last few years we’ve helped tens of thousands of people find the right degree program based on their goals. We’re now helping people find great jobs and hopefully fulfilling careers… allowing people to search and post resumes every day.

Home Improvement

Home improvement has become somewhat of a saving grace for the housing market. Homeowners are constantly looking for project ideas, how-to guides, cheap materials, value reports and new decorating trends that will help with their own renovation plans. With plenty of information, a gallery of projects, detailed blog and remodeling news, this is one of our favorite new sites.


A quick way for us to help Mom’s learn about which options are best for them when considering going back to school, finishing up a degree or taking some extra courses to earn more money, help contribute to the household income or launch a new career.


There is definitely an abundance of information on scholarships and how to get financial aid, but not really about "free money" or grants. EGFS specifically finds grants and illustrates helpful tips for utilizing popular federal aid like the Pell Grant in the best way possible. You can read the blog to see new ways to increase financial aid awards and how to find more money from grants. There are also tips about other financial aid resources.

Debt Leads

Whether the debt is personal or the debt is business… it is what it is. DEBT! And it’s a reality for many Americans today. We launched our debt Website to help provide information as to what options you have at your disposal when addressing your debt. There are many basic unknowns about debt that if more people knew about them the word DEBT wouldn’t be so intimidating. was created to help provide people with debt options.


Tuition prices never go down, but the number of scholarships has never been higher. focuses on information about different scholarships and includes a blog which researches scholarships with upcoming deadlines, including tips on how to ace the scholarship application and find more tuition for college.