Live Transfers

If you're looking for high quality in-bound live transfer leads then you need to look no further than First Impression. For years, we've provided a select group of exclusive partners access to our live transfer services and we're finally ready to open that offer to you. All our live transfer leads are warm transfer--  our call center representative will stay on the phone with your prospective client and make an introduction. We NEVER perform tepid or cold transfers, it's just not worth it. Cold transfer leave our callers are unhappy; your call representatives are unhappy as well.  

What is a Live Transfer?

A Live Transfer (also known as a warm transfer, a phone transfer, a hot transfer) is when a caller connected to our call center triggers a response that indicates we should send that user to you. Our representative asks the caller, they confirm, and ONLY then is a live transfer initiated.   

How are Live Transfers Generated?

Our live transfers typically start their lives as inbound phone calls. Clients and customers calling into our customer service representatives to find out more information within a specific vertical. As our customer service representatives go through their script, certain answers can trigger a suggestion to our service representative to warm transfer a lead to your sales floor. As stated above, our representatives asks the caller, the caller confirms, and only then do we start the transfer process.

Can My Business Benefit From Live Phone Transfers?

What business wouldn't want to get more inbound calls from prospective clients who have already said "Yes, I'm interested in your product or service"? We can't think of a single one. With that in mind, we firmly believe that EVERY business can benefit from live transfers. We specialize in several challenging industries and we're eager to show you how our expertise can transform your business.