Pay Per Call Leads

When it's time to expand your business and to capitalize on the growing trend of mobile advertising there is no better way than through Pay Per Call Leads.  Pay Per Call leads allow you to set a specific price to a lead that reaches a certain condition (a 1 minute phone call, answers 2 questions, etc). We've spent the past several years perfecting the art of pay per call lead generation and now we're eager to share this knowledge with you, our client.  

What is a Pay Per Call Lead?

Pay Per Call present an outstanding alternative to traditional PPC models modeled by companies like Google and Yahoo!. Pay Per Call is exactly what it sounds like:  You (the advertiser) pay for each in-bound phone call where certain criteria are met (call lasts 30 seconds, caller provides their first name, etc.) that's it. Now, of course, we work hard to filter out low quality calls before they ever reach you--  we work hard to provide the best quality Pay Per Call Leads in the business.  

How Are Pay Per Call Leads Generated?

We generate pay per call leads from our extensive mobile advertising network. We screen callers using our IVR and then only pass on calls that meet a certain threshold.  

Can My Business Benefit From Pay Per Call Leads?

Yes!  In our experience most business owners know exactly what to say to their potential customers once they get them onto the phone and that they can close the deal with precision and expertise, the problem most business owners seem to have is actually getting the user onto the phone. Pay Per Call Leads are the perfect solution for those kind of businesses.